Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach
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Elena Aleksandrovna Likhach

Elena Alexandrovna Likhach, also known under the pseudonym Elena Likhach, is a popular poetess born in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Today Elena is one of the nominees for the My Russia Literature Prize, and is also the laureate of the well-known Russian Literature Prize Golden Pen in Vyatka. Her creative work began back in 2003, and to this day Elena pleases her fans with magnificent works.

Elena’s childhood and her youth

The future poetess was born in Leningrad in January, the 2nd of 1977. Her parents were also born there. Father Alexander was an employee of a large factory at that time, where large ships were built, the girl’s mother Marina taught mathematics at a secondary school.

Creativity, interest in art was manifested in the girl from an early age. Her grandparents had a great influence on the formation of her as a creative person. Grandmother herself was a piano music teacher, and grandfather was an engineer. But although his main profession was engineering, the man was fond of literature, including poetry. He was very interested in the biographies of well-known and not so well-known literary figures. He gladly shared his knowledge with his granddaughter. Elena recalls with awe how her grandfather, who had a unique memory, quoted works of various genres to her.

School education of Elena Likhach

Parents, seeing the talents of the girl, in addition to the usual school, sent her to the music school. There she studied piano. Study was given to Elena easily and naturally. She often took part in concerts, which helped her get used to being the center of attention, not being afraid of the stage and dozens of eyes turned on her.

Schooling was also very successful. She mastered foreign languages ​​and other humanitarian subjects well. In addition, the girl had enough time and desire to attend fencing lessons. Elena even successfully took part in competitions and achieved the title of master of sports. However, due to a knee injury, fencing had to be abandoned.

Elena Likhach’s first steps in poetry

Elena released her debut collection entitled “At the bottom of the St. Petersburg wells” at the age of 26. Already with the first poems, the poetess resonated with readers and first fans who remain faithful to her today. According to Elena, her hometown is her main source of inspiration. It was while walking along the streets of St. Petersburg under a cloudy sky that she absorbed all the beauty of the city, its soul and special flavor.

Having received the first portion of recognition, Elena did not want to stop and continued to create, because inspiration overwhelmed the soul of the poetess! At the age of 30, Likhach released her second collection, The Thirtieth Spring. It includes poems dedicated to love, philosophical questions and the beauty of nature. This collection also delighted readers.

Courage in creative life Elena Likhach

Elena was not afraid to take part in battles at events dedicated to poetry. The ability to behave in public with dignity has been preserved since childhood, and the ability to rhyme from a young age was her routine.

The desire to seek new sources of inspiration and expand her boundaries made Elena travel. A trip to Italy and Spain made a special impression on her. Excellent knowledge of languages ​​erases all boundaries, allowing the poetess to enjoy her trips to the maximum.

Internet in the work of Elena Likhach

The poetess has her own website, where fans of her work can get acquainted with the works. She also maintains her channel in Telegram and YouTube, where she actively communicates with her readers and those who are interested in her as a person. In addition, she has her own page in Yandex.Zen, where you can also find up-to-date information about Elena’s work and life.

Speaking about her aspirations, Elena is rather modest. She does not talk about world recognition and does not even dream of recognition at the country level, although it already exists. But with trepidation, she says that she would be very pleased if some schoolboy once read her poem in front of the class.

Personal life of Elena Likhach

Elena was married, but the relationship did not work out. Today she independently brings up two beautiful daughters — Alina and Elizabeth. Elena gently introduces them to creativity, however, does not put pressure on them at all and does not force them.

Today Elena does not seek to make poetry a source of income. For her, it’s a hobby. She actively participates in the literary life of her native city, attends exhibitions, and also writes poems for her third collection. What it is dedicated to — Likhach still keeps a secret.

Elena devotes every free minute to communicating with her daughters and reading Russian classics. She calls Pasternak her favorite author, in particular his masterpiece Doctor Zhivago. Likhach truly admires his ability to play with words and dreams of writing something that will hook the reader just as much.

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  1. Григорий

    Люблю таких людей, которые не бросают свое любимое дело, а продолжают развиваться в своем направлении. Елена Лихач всю жизнь писала стихи, сколько я ее помню. Всегда их гнобила и выбрасывала, но продолжала писать)) Сейчас с удовольствием делится ими в социальных сетях и сайтах и очень много людей хвалят ее талант, как и я. Так что, не нужно бояться своих желаний, сейчас каждый может свободно публиковать свои творения, почему этим не пользоваться?

  2. Борис

    В ютубе попалось видео поэтессы Елены Лихач с ее стихами. Посмотрел, заинтересовался и начал искать ее в социальных сетях. Подписался вконтакте на нее и оказалось, что это интересная писательница философской и пейзажной лирики. Стихотворения запомнились мне своей душевностью и внушили доверие с первых строк. Поэтесса умеет найти подход к читателю и зацепить мысли. И это касается не только поэзии, но и обычных постов вк.

  3. Яна

    На половине сборника «Тридцатая весна» я прям всплакнула)) Прочувствовала вайб автора, попала в детство и чувства взяли верх. Замечательный сборник, подойдет любой возрастной категории, написан хорошо и понятно. Теперь знаю, что дарить друзьям на праздники

  4. Ангелина

    С Лихач Еленой Александровной у меня еще не удалось встретиться. Хотя живет она вроде неподалеку от меня. Подруга рассказывала, что часто её видит. Я бы, наверное, попросила у нее автограф на сборнике который у меня есть. Уже дважды прочла «На дне Петербургских колодцев». И с каждым разом я открываю для себя какие-то новые нераскрытые тайны и междустрочные посылы, которые автор передает в своих стихах

  5. Валера

    Я прониклась стихами Елены Александровны Лихач до глубины души, как бы банально это не звучало. Я не знаю, как описать свои эмоции, кроме стандартных фраз Ее поэзия – это классика с современным описанием проблем. Вполне возможно, что ее стихи станут когда-то классикой для будущих поколений. Темы, вокруг которых ходит поэтесса – неизменны с годами. Так что, запомните мои слова)

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